Either I’m up or I’m down
Either I’m right, or I’m left
Either I’m really good, or I’m so bad
Either I’m fast, or I’m too fast
Either I’m slow or I don’t get it at all
Either I’m cool, or I’m very hot
Either I’m in control, or I freak out
Either I want to read, or I need to write
Either I laugh ’til I cry, or I cry my eyes out
Either I sleep, or I just close my eyes
Either I just know, or I really wonder
Either I talk, or I don’t stop talking
Either I listen hard, or I don’t intend to at all
Either I believe, or I can’t see it
Either I get what I want, or I stop wishing
Either I try, or I just know I should not
Either I work hard, or I work hard.
Either I can hear, or I choose to ignore
Either I can run, or I have to stop
Either I can take it, or I decide I won’t
Either I can forgive, or I don’t forget

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