Overhead, from the pieces of sky she could see in between the leaves, the stars peeked and glistened.  In turn, the dainty shadows the leaves made tickled the ground.

They sat in the tent.  It’s been a long while since they went out like this.  They almost forgot how good it felt good to be together, like this.

They kept silent knowing no words were needed.  It was enough that they held hands and felt the love they had for each other.

Then he held her arm and put a bracelet on her wrist. “I want to make love to you wearing only this.”
She looked at him, then, at the bracelet.

Flowers–big ones for the smiles and small ones for the tears.
She moaned as his hungry lips devoured her neck and shoulders.  Knowing her well, too well maybe, he paused as he noticed her responses suddenly falter.   She opened her eyes, looked into his; she was reminded of something and he knew what it was.  Even as he assures her again that she was the only one, one thing or another would lead her to remember.  He hugged her tight though he knew this wasn’t ever going to be enough to show her how much he regrets hurting her.

Grip– tight enough to hold her yet loose enough to let her move.
Victor kissed her, pressing his full weight on her.  She knew how he wanted her this way.  But this time she needed him to feel how she wanted him.  She needed to show him that she could send him to greater heights.  He sensed her cue to shift and allowed it.  She was glad he was glad he did.

Gems– purple, to show that she was precious. and pink, that she was loved.
She just loves the way he whispers her name over and over until he finally calls it out loud.  Then he buries his face on her neck and declares “I love you” in between heavy breaths.

The break– to remind her that life is unpredictable, change is inevitable.
He lays beside her, tucking some stray strands behind her ear.  He adoringly stares at her and smiles.  He gives her a smack, and closes his eyes. Her head resting on his chest, he falls asleep.

Agnes knows not how long this joy in her heart would last, but she’s determined to do everything for how and why it would.

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