tell me when you know

Now I’m cravin’ your body.  Is this real?

Temperature’s rising; I don’t want to feel I’m in the wrong place to be real

And I’m longing to love you just for a night, kissing and hugging and holding you tight

Please let me love you with all my might!

-“reasons” by earth, wind, and fire

So he asked her, “How do you want me?”

“With caramel topping please,” her laughter followed but he only stared.

“That’s a difficult one…” she heard herself say, she knew she didn’t know what to say, or how to say it if she did.

“Is it?”

“I don’t know”

she came back, out from the painting, felt more like zooming out of it.

she stepped back to examine it. colors swirled.  no pattern, only movement.

slow, spontaneous  movements she saw only when she closed her eyes.

then she felt herself sucked back in.

white canvas covered the wooden floor

colors poured onto the canvas

red here, blue there, yellow here and there

cans half empty, paint dripping down from the rims

shadows moved, his and hers

stars watching from the  windows

she saw where the shadows had been

the stars kept her secret

“you know,”


she knew he did because he held her

and she put her head on his chest, believing it can’t be wrong when it feels so right

her eyes teary, her heart heavy

he held her close, he held her tight

he lifted her face and marked a kiss on her forehead

his lips met hers, his in hers, and hers in his; a kiss so tender…so slow

her fingers found the trough of his back, and it made her own spine quiver

she just couldn’t believe he was here

“I am here now”

she just melted

cross was right

she realized she would always feel the same

his lips traced her neck, and she felt his warm breath moving to her shoulder

the tip of his tongue touched it once, twice, and bit it gently

“hm,” he had made her want him even more


he kissed her on the lips one more time before he bent down to let his lips paint every inch of yearning in her.  she leaned her head back, she couldn’t help but let out a moan.  she held his head and ran her fingers through his hair . she smiled at the thought that she had longed to do this…

“- – – -,” she heard her name. he said he liked the sound of it

Title: \”hm\” Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

“I love this one, is there a story behind it?”

“Uh huh, it’s about something I just cannot have”

he led her, lay her down to the floor, and she felt the cool paint on her back

she shivered, not because the paint was cool but because she was burning inside

she felt her face flush as she felt him put his weight on her

she knew that scent, it swept her away the first time he told her his name

it sent her into some kind of a trance to receive him as he entered her

“I don’t understand how such bright colors can mean sadness”

“they don’t… just knowing it is there makes me happy”

he thrust; once, twice, she lost count as she drowned in want

he felt her and even now, he never understood;  would he ever?

they moved and reeled,  across the colors, swirling the reds, blues and yellows

then she was on him, had her control over her desire

she gave him the colors she wanted him to feel

it was dark though, too dark to see the rainbow

there was light, yes…

but now she was sure it wasn’t , wouldn’t, and couldn’t ever be hers, no…

“what is it?”


and the shadows danced and the colors whirled

stars did watch as their blaze reached their zenith

she loved him, he said he loved her, too

did he ever?

“so where is it now?”

“in my heart.”

“Tell me when you know”

“I’d rather not…”


“No, know.”

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