they danced

He was practically dragging her up the steps.

They were late and had less than an hour to get it done.

This was a regular thing, the only time they understood each other.

A common time when she got away from her titrations and he, from his dimensions; what she called “neutralization” and he, “two-point perspective”.

She could have been laughing but she was out of breath from all the running.  Her mind zoomed five buildings back, away to PhySci, to her lab gown which she left on her table over his T-square…she thought…What the heck!

Walking hurriedly past tables, past chairs, past shelves…he never let go of her hand and she let herself be led, until they reached that special place. Their special place. They went deep between the shelves, knowing where to find what.

She sat on the floor as he scanned his fingers across the books.  He finally pulled the one with a maroon hard cover, handed it to her as he sat down in front of her.  She flipped through the pages, and just as he knew so well where to find the book, she knew which page to go.  Her eyes were so thrilled to cast sight on the glorious words again.

No, he never liked reading.  But to hear her read was everything.  And later his heart would teach his fingers to make precise movements. Oh, no, not like the measured drawings he did…but with brushes that made colors flow exactly where they should.

And no, she never liked painting.  But to see him moving was everything.  And her heart taught her eyes to see colors clearly.  Oh, no, not like the faint colors in flasks…but the rainbows that filled her eyes with contentment.

She spoke… softly now… almost, but not whispering.  Her voice seemed to put him under a spell that the words he heard would slowly turn into colored smoke, at first clouding his eyes.   Then as they travel through his mind, they take shape…they then seize their own place in the canvas.

She, too, was in a trance.  The words lifted her soul and she felt soaring but gracefully among the clouds of colored smoke.

Somehow this was not like the other times they had, because it was late.  And being so absorbed, they noticed that they were stuck for the night only when the lights suddenly went out.

They were both rather surprised that neither of them got upset about the situation.  He shrugged…and with the moonlight that beamed through the window, she continued…

“I choose.  The rhythm of life seduces me into motion.  Move by move, I complete, reveal, let go, engage.  Clearing the space, creating room to dance.”

And so, that night, in that very room, they danced.

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