they make my day

make coffee for jay

talk to jay

tell anele to be careful on the way home

remind vincent to be a good boy in school

smile at kuya jhun’s frustrated peek-a-boo

greet ate malu and get revved up for the day’s activities

laugh at jokes while making cut outs with t.mei and ate jean

be inspired as i chat with devoted mommies, grandmas and yayas

listen to (yet barely understand) and hug daitoh and daikoh

listen to emil’s animated version of yesterday’s story

see mercelle’s smile and “silly hair”

stop in the middle of telling today’s story to answer kenneth’s questions about something he finds awkward in the story

add more lines on raphael’s paper so he could finish his detailed version of today’s story

catch martin saying the sound and writing each letter to spell words that make up his sentence

be awed by the bright colors elmer uses for his drawings

see that vera tries to patiently wait for me to give her a turn to answer a drill on the board

hug and praise hector that he can now follow instructions and finish his work on his own

tell chloe that it’s good that she can now express herself through words

clap my hands as rahya confidently rehearses her lines for the program

listen attentively to aaliyah’s discovery facts that begin with “dati teacher…”

wave to zowe, isabella, hannah, gabby, and jared

call up jay

get a call from anele about something she assumes i know about

watch chiara, martina and migui wash their hands

dance with keisha

sit beside damien during snack time

pose and take pictures with rohanna

laugh heartily with lindsay

make ‘kulit’ to mathew to get a great big, tight ‘love-love’ from him

hear johann say “i love you teacher ires”

have lunch with t. raq, t.mei, and ms.arlene

be both amused and amazed at the witticisms of the sweet girl whose name spelled backwards means sour

have spanish bread and coke with jay on the way to vincent’s school

meet vince at the school gate

eat dinner with jay and vince

get another call from anele about everything on anything

do homework with vincent

text, text, text patch

reply to anele to remind her to always take good care of herself

lie down between jay and vincent

thank Jah for giving me all these people who make my day.

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