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uhaw ba?

hanap ay bango… naghihintay ng lambing

hanap ay init… nangungulila sa yakap

hanap ay tamis… nananabik sa halik.

heto na.

ang bango na dulot ay kilig

ang init na ang hatid ay kalinga

ang tamis na handog ay ligaya

kape ko…

mabango, masarap na lambing

mainit, mahigpit na yakap

matamis, matinding halik

umaga ay kay ganda,

buong araw ay kay saya!


Dec.9, 2009

Tranquil in a flask. Clear liquid inside the triangular-shaped container. An empty canvas anticipating the touch of a brush for the first time… a cheek that has never known how a blush felt.  A spirit awaits.  Silent, still.

A filled buret. Tall and taut glass against the stand.  A vessel overflowing, so much affection to offer.  A giver awaits.  Eager, willing.

Her hand began to move. The end of the stopper pressed against her palm as she held the knob between her fingers.  The decision to let emotions show. A beginning sparks.  Keen, intense.

Patience by the drop. She felt the muscles in her fingers proceed in synchronicity, letting her make fine calculated movements to turn the knob.  She slowly adds each drop, remembering to swirl the flask every now and then.  Nothing seems to be happening.   No proof that there was, in fact, something taking place.  Though, it was forming, growing, there was no telling when a connection could be clearly established. A flame building up.  Unseen, concealed.

Approaching the endpoint. Time comes when a drop touches the surface and a tinge of color shows, but disappears in an instant. So quick, one wonders if it was there all along.  The next few drops have the same effect.  The taking encourages the giving… even more.  Anticipation heightens.  A destination within reach.  Encouraging, exciting.

Equilibrium attained. Finally, a drop turns everything into pink. The indicator proclaims the tangency.  Each becomes both.  Congruence achieved. Parallel, mutual.

Friendship, harmony through giving and taking.

hold me

Hold me

Hold my hand

Hold it tight

Help me through this

Make the pain go away.

Hold me

Hold me close

Hold me in your arms

Hold me, never let go

Tell me you’ll always stay.

Hold me

Hold me now

Hold me always

Hold me forever

Hold me come what may.