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body and soul

body and soul 1

body and soul 1
acrylic on canvas

As fish cannot live when not in water,

So shall the ocean be worthless without fish.

The wheels that set your motion,

The light that enables your sight,

The notes that make up your tune,

The voice that resonates your thoughts,

The desire that starts your fire,

The smile and the tears,

The heart of your love.

The vessel that embraces your being,

The body… for the soul.

The fuel that powers your speed,

The colors that enhance your vision,

The melody that conveys your song,

The meaning that justifies your words,

The passion that intensifies your blaze,

The delight and the sorrow,

The love in your heart.

The spirit that fills your being,

The soul… for the body.

Each exists only with the other.




Soul and Body.

Body and Soul.