Monthly Archives: November 2012

just as, just us

right here, right now.

just right. this is ours.

this is where the world ends.

we need not hide nor worry.

this is where time stops.

we need not wait nor hurry.

we close our eyes, we breathe, we rest.

no sadness, no pain, no fear.

just joy, just bliss, just peace.

you see only me, and i see only you.

we have each other to ourselves.

we choose to love. we choose to be.

just you and me.

just us, just as.

just is.Image

rainbow goddess

in all her radial radiance,

the iris blooms.

a resplendent creature.

her blush ripens,

her velvet unfolds,

her brilliance radiates,

her iridescence explodes,

her prowess ablaze.

this queen, pure, fine,and real,

flourishes only for the king of her heart.


rainbow goddess
acrylic on canvas