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I’ve waited too long. Already.

Everyday I would imagine how those eyes would suddenly glow, how those lips slowly curve to show delight, how your smile proves that you are glad to see me again.

I keep playing that scene in my head when I wake up in the morning, when I feel the morning sun on my face as I walk to work, when I’m in the middle of laughing at a joke, when I read your words; it feels so good that it would take a moment before I actually notice myself grinning.

Then when we finally met, as it was truly happening, it happened so fast! It happened so fast that I couldn’t grasp the thought that it was real, that you were real.

We talked but I never really remembered what was said. I was just happy to see you, your eyes, your smile. It was just how I imagined it. And now, I replay that scene on my mind, over and over; slowly each time. It feels even better knowing that it happened again, for real. It was real, you are real.

So, again, I will be waiting…


half-blind, you hungered for what you cannot see. in time shall colors burst, and awe shall drain you of all sight–the darkness that you asked for and thus deserved.


paano kung…

kung kailan…

paano kapag…

kapag nangyari…

paano pa, tapos na.

tapos, paano na?

i write



for you,

Because of you.

These words belong to you.

*the number of words in each line correspond to the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence


“She thought: Let go—drop the controls—this is it.”

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


Hating-gabi nang makipag-piko

At natisod ang lelang mo

Sa isang aninong baluktot!

Ang may-ari naman nito

Nangatwiran pang palusot.

Dahil ba magaan ang bangko

Kaya’t hindi naisipang umupo?

Ang hiwaga kuno ng kwago,

Bunyag sa pukol ng pamato.

Natisod nga pati ang lelong mo

Nilang sa may diban nangagsiupo.

Bihasa nga sila sa patintero

Pagkat may sandok ang kanilang guro.

Art by Rica


peel. feel.

try, perceive

what the skin conceals

peel. weep.

cry, endure

what the tears reveal

peel. seek.

pry, discover

what the center holds

but there is nothing there.

it is not what lies beneath

but the uncovering that matters

for each layer stripped

is a pain suffered

a failure survived

a fear conquered

a confidence regained

one is defined

not by what one has but

by what one has gone through


the sun sets.

the light moves over,

the shadows takes over.

the day is over.

the world turns over.

over there.

the sun sets,

the city goes to slumber.

and i ask myself:

if that is not the place i belong,

then… where?

Art by Ma.Allana Alicalas

26″X16″ acrylic on canvas

onion II

what’s inside is history repeating.

soon enough this concentricity will reach its end.

as with all things, an end is inevitable.

though i knew, i still let myself be taken in… again, and again. and again.

and each time i shed off a layer, my defenses grow weaker.

though i feel the sting, i go on revealing a deeper part of me.

until i am painfully dry. stripped… spent… sore.


Pick your kite.

Fancy, plain,

Huge, tiny,

Just right.

With some string,

Try to fly.

Take the risk,

Give it to the wind.

Take chances,

Give a little of yourself.

Make time,

Take time,

To share.

Give it some more string.

Let your it soar.

Give in.

Open your heart.

Hold on to the string

Know when to pull,

And when to yield.

Communicate constantly.

If you kite falls,

you can start over.

But if your string breaks,

You must let go.