Monthly Archives: April 2020

discover prompt: hidden

It’s not
what I can’t see.
No, so much more
than that,
it’s what I can’t feel.

All this time
You’ve been to me
But the words I give
Scatter on the sheets,

You tell a joke, and smile
I blink and it’s gone.
Was it really
what your were
supposed to say?

Your grip is so tight,
I feel pain that isn’t there
I don’t hear you, see you.
I don’t
know you.

Your have things
meant to be hidden,
left unsaid,
made unfelt,
kept unknown.

discover prompt: magic

What magic is this?

When do all that’s green
Create what’s fresh and sweet?

How come clouds can float,
But we must use our feet?

Where, after the rain,
Will color paint the sky?

Why do our hearts beat,
And stop when we die?

discover prompt : elixir

It’s not dark anymore
But the sun is still sleepy.
I get up before everyone does.
By the window, I see the street empty.
The cool wind comes to embrace me
While the birds sing their songs
I hold my warm mug with both hands,
The heat seeps in through my palms
And heals my heart.
I smell the coffee,
My eyes blink ever so slowly.
I take a sip,
And colors fill my heart.

discover prompt: note

I’ve kept all the papers. From the time I taught them to draw lines to the letters they wrote me.

They have this gift with words.

More than what they can do, I am truly inspired of what they have become. No big time award really, but it’s how strong they are, how brave they are to live in this crazy world.

They can stare at their souls in the mirror, admit it if they don’t like what they see, and do something to make themselves better. They express how they think things should be done, will not force anyone to do it their way, but will do what they can to help.

It’s hard but they take what life throws at them. They may frown, they may get mad. But they’ll just shake their head, and try to fix it the best way they know.

I believe I have learned so much from them, far more than what I was able to teach them. I take note of the things they do, and these make me strive to become a better person.

discover prompt : tempo

He finds it annoying, embarrassing, and amusing, all at the same time, that I couldn’t move to the beat! He just laughs it off and still does the workout with me. He doesn’t mind.

Just like all the times.

I may have been offbeat, out-of-tune, and even off-topic. But because he simply wants to share anything he finds interesting, this boy just lovingly laughs. No, not at me… rather, with me.

We play music and sing old and new songs. We watch his favorite TV series or YouTubers channels. We discuss the new content on his game or the fiction he’s writing. We practice painting and drawing.

Sometimes I like the new things he shows me, sometimes I don’t get it. It’s fine with him for we have our own rhythm.


discover prompt : instrument

This is where they realize that everything matters… because everything is matter.

photo by Ken Kabashima

Anticipation, fear, curiosity, excitement, confusion, awe, insecurity. They may be overwhelmed with mixed emotions as they put on their white coat. One thing is for sure though, they never get enough.

This is where they want to be careful because they’ve realized that every little thing they do matters. If they want to investigate and explore, they know that they would have to do it right.

When colors change, bubbles rise, and odors spread, it leads them to ask so many hows and whys. As they learn to figure these out on their own, they realize what matters most.

In the end, everything makes sense. Better yet, if they don’t. Either way, they will definitely want to come again tomorrow. So will I.

discover prompt: three


There was where I found myself.

In that place, I can be me.
I am not she.
I am not theirs.

Only when I am there, am I.

for what we have and don’t have

We don’t realize how blessed we are until we understand how much we have.

We focus too much on things that we believe we should have that we take for granted those that we already do.

We go on complaining about not being able to go out, to go where we need to go, to go where we want to go.
But we never considered how others are forced to go out, out there, where it’s not safe.
We can’t go to work, when others don’t have time to rest and have to keep on working.

We get bored of having to eat the same kind of food because we used to be able to go and buy what we craved for.
Others go hungry waiting to be given food packs while some don’t receive any at all.

We say we miss hanging out with friends, and missed the chance of traveling during summer. Others can’t go home to their families, stuck in far away cities,
alone and afraid, not knowing when they would get a chance to go home, definitely not soon.

It’s really hot here but rain will come in a few weeks, then it will be raining for the three months. We complain about mosquitos all the time, when they have locusts in other countries.

I’ve heard people say that they shouldn’t be less miserable just because others have bigger problems. They argue that we should not be concerned about others’ misery.

If we could truly understood what others are going through, maybe, just maybe, we would somehow be grateful that we are in a better situation.  Only then, can we appreciate what we have, and what we don’t have.

i don’t have to

Or I could decide I won’t.

I eat when you’re hungry.

I stop talking when I have to listen to you.
I answer when you need to know something.
I don’t argue when you believe you’re right.
I hurry when you want it right away.
I wait when you’re not done.
I do it when you want me to.

I have to because it pleases you.


I don’t have to.
Because I don’t have to.

So I won’t.


when what you fix fixes you

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, so I heard somewhere.

Then, there’s this tendency to fix something– at least thinking it does need fixing, regardless if it’s broken or not. It’s not because of the intention to help, but because of the need to feel needed.

So, what have you been fixing lately?