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could you forgive me for making you believe?

Could you forgive me

For a long time ago

For tearing your heart apart

And making you believe

That I loved you?

When you had so much to give

I didn’t believe it was enough.

Could you forgive me

For a few years back

For tearing your heart apart

And making you believe

That I loved you?

When I knew you needed me

I didn’t give you enough.

Could you forgive me

For last week

For tearing your heart apart

And making you believe

That I loved you?

When you knew I needed you

I didn’t take what you were willing to give.

Could you forgive me

For days to come

For I will tear your heart apart

And make you believe

That I love you?

When I know you love me

I don’t know how to love you.

sa pagtanda

Pagbabago man ay tutulan,
Panahon ay ‘di mapipigilan.
Pagsapit nitong kaarawan
Gulang ay madaragdagan.
Panlabas ma’y di magustuhan,
‘Di yaon ang dapat tingnan.
Kundi ang mga pinagdaanan,
Ang mga napagtagumpayan.
Sa mukha at katawan bakas
Na ang kabataan ay lumipas.
Ngunit mananatiling wagas
Karunungan mula sa danas.


Tranquil in a flask. Clear liquid inside the triangular-shaped container. An empty canvas anticipating the touch of a brush for the first time… a cheek that has never known how a blush felt. A spirit awaits. Silent, still.

A filled buret. Tall and taut glass against the stand. A vessel overflowing, so much affection to offer. A giver awaits. Eager, willing.

Her hand began to move. The end of the stopper pressed against her palm as she held the knob between her fingers. The decision to let emotions show. A beginning sparks. Keen, intense.

Patience by the drop. She felt the muscles in her fingers proceed in synchronicity, letting her make fine calculated movements to turn the knob. She slowly adds each drop, remembering to swirl the flask every now and then. Nothing seems to be happening. No proof that there was, in fact, something taking place. Though, it was forming, growing, there was no telling when a connection could be clearly established. A flame building up. Unseen, concealed.

Approaching the endpoint. Time comes when a drop touches the surface and a tinge of color shows, but disappears in an instant. So quick, one wonders if it was there all along. The next few drops have the same effect. The taking encourages the giving… even more. Anticipation heightens. A destination within reach. Encouraging, exciting.

Equilibrium attained. Finally, a drop turns everything into pink. The indicator proclaims the tangency. Each becomes both. Congruence achieved. Parallel, mutual.

Love, harmony through giving and taking.

elements of the heart

don’t you wish fireworks didn’t just vanish in the sky?

instead, they would trickle down to your outstretched arms

as tiny bits of paper fluttering in mid-air

through the spaces between your fingers.

lines, thoughts… confetti.

don’t you wish you had a blanket of warm thoughts?

shapes of words in rhythm

tessellating, spreading,

wrapping you in delightful dreams.

shapes, poems… quilt.

don’t you wish your windows were made of diamonds?

prisms that reflect the way you see life

into many brilliant colors.

colors, reflections… kaleidoscope.

don’t you wish that it was safe to walk barefoot all through life?

a chance to feel the textures of experiences

through your soles and into your soul.

textures, experiences… collage.

don’t you wish bits and pieces of what-have-u’s

fit together to fill the spaces in your heart?

a map that reveals paths within a memorable tale.

spaces, stories… mosaic


How valuable are you?

In this world defined by numbers, everything is counted, measured, and labeled.

With single or multiple digits, even or odd, having exponents or subscripts combined with corresponding units, everything is thus quantified. As for quantities unknown, letters are used as representations. These, together with other symbols comprise a formula to solve for some sought after amount; there is one for almost anything, both concrete and abstract. Such are rules that answer questions like when, how many, or how much, and illustrate relationships between things to show us that everything can be, if not precisely calculated, reckoned.

When everyone else’s worth is determined by figures, appraisals of altitude or depth, size or reach, weight or volume, which are interpreted into graphs to further compare and emphasize inequalities, what have you to say about yourself?

Do you believe that who you are, what you have, and what you are capable of can be defined by numbers? How?

How much is the joy in your laughter, the pain in your grief, the honor in your pride, or the fear in your anxiety?

How big is your compassion; how short is your patience? How heavy is your silence; how high is your truth? How narrow is your ideology; how deep is your love?

How many risks have you taken and lessons have you learned from your failures that made you strive to succeed? How far will the endurance of your faith, the strength of your determination and the intensity of your passion take you?

How long ago did your past start? How long will your present last? How long before your future arrives?

How real is your imagination; how fake is your reality?

How valuable do you think you are?

Is that quantifiable?

Go figure.

how could you

But if you could just get what you need because you don’t care who owns it, or who else needs it…

Would you feel proud because you’ve been a hero by feeding your family with very thing you have stolen?


Aking minamahal,

Tila ba nangingibabaw ang aking pagkabalisa kaysa sa aking pananabik ngayong nalalapit na tayong muling magkita!

Dala ng pag-aalala kong marami nang nagbago, sa iyo, at maging sa akin. Paano na lamang kung sa pagtatagpo natin ay iba ang inaasahan mong masilayan? Paano kung sa pagkakita mo sa akin ay hindi mo na maramdaman ang gaya ng dating magkahalong kaba at saya? Oo, naalala ko sa pagbati pa lamang, bakas agad sa iyong mata ang pag-aalinlangan na pinananaigan ng pangungulila. Minsan pa ang iyong likas na bangis ay tumalima at magpasailalim sa iyong pagnanais na ako’y angkinin.
Ngunit, aking ba itong maasahan kung gayong kay tagal na nating nagkalayo?

O, hindi na ako makapaghintay na muli mo akong balutin ng iyong yapos! Subalit nangangamba akong may naiba na sa iyong halik… Marahil dahil hindi ko na kilala ang iyong mga labi, ako’y maninibago. Paano kung ikaw ay makahalata? Dahilan para matigilan at maging asiwa.

Ilang araw pa, at lalong umiigting ang aking pagkabahala… Baka sa mismong araw nga, ang aking mga paa ay igapos ng ligalig at ang pagsipot sa usapan ay hindi ko kayaning magawa pa. Huwag naman sana.

Tanging sa iyo lamang,


discover prompt: team

We must do this.

We take turns
To lead, then follow.
Gravity weighs us down
But we have to carry on.
Friction pulls us back
Yet forward, we must go.

We are in this,
Left. Right.
One step after the other.
Farther, still. Farther.
Until we can move no more.

discover prompt: hidden

It’s not
what I can’t see.
No, so much more
than that,
it’s what I can’t feel.

All this time
You’ve been to me
But the words I give
Scatter on the sheets,

You tell a joke, and smile
I blink and it’s gone.
Was it really
what your were
supposed to say?

Your grip is so tight,
I feel pain that isn’t there
I don’t hear you, see you.
I don’t
know you.

Your have things
meant to be hidden,
left unsaid,
made unfelt,
kept unknown.

discover prompt: magic

What magic is this?

When do all that’s green
Create what’s fresh and sweet?

How come clouds can float,
But we must use our feet?

Where, after the rain,
Will color paint the sky?

Why do our hearts beat,
And stop when we die?