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how could you

But if you could just get what you need because you don’t care who owns it, or who else needs it…

Would you feel proud because you’ve been a hero by feeding your family with very thing you have stolen?


Aking minamahal,

Tila ba nangingibabaw ang aking pagkabalisa kaysa sa aking pananabik ngayong nalalapit na tayong muling magkita!

Dala ng pag-aalala kong marami nang nagbago, sa iyo, at maging sa akin. Paano na lamang kung sa pagtatagpo natin ay iba ang inaasahan mong masilayan? Paano kung sa pagkakita mo sa akin ay hindi mo na maramdaman ang gaya ng dating magkahalong kaba at saya? Oo, naalala ko sa pagbati pa lamang, bakas agad sa iyong mata ang pag-aalinlangan na pinananaigan ng pangungulila. Minsan pa ang iyong likas na bangis ay tumalima at magpasailalim sa iyong pagnanais na ako’y angkinin.
Ngunit, aking ba itong maasahan kung gayong kay tagal na nating nagkalayo?

O, hindi na ako makapaghintay na muli mo akong balutin ng iyong yapos! Subalit nangangamba akong may naiba na sa iyong halik… Marahil dahil hindi ko na kilala ang iyong mga labi, ako’y maninibago. Paano kung ikaw ay makahalata? Dahilan para matigilan at maging asiwa.

Ilang araw pa, at lalong umiigting ang aking pagkabahala… Baka sa mismong araw nga, ang aking mga paa ay igapos ng ligalig at ang pagsipot sa usapan ay hindi ko kayaning magawa pa. Huwag naman sana.

Tanging sa iyo lamang,


discover prompt: team

We must do this.

We take turns
To lead, then follow.
Gravity weighs us down
But we have to carry on.
Friction pulls us back
Yet forward, we must go.

We are in this,
Left. Right.
One step after the other.
Farther, still. Farther.
Until we can move no more.

discover prompt: hidden

It’s not
what I can’t see.
No, so much more
than that,
it’s what I can’t feel.

All this time
You’ve been to me
But the words I give
Scatter on the sheets,

You tell a joke, and smile
I blink and it’s gone.
Was it really
what your were
supposed to say?

Your grip is so tight,
I feel pain that isn’t there
I don’t hear you, see you.
I don’t
know you.

Your have things
meant to be hidden,
left unsaid,
made unfelt,
kept unknown.

discover prompt: magic

What magic is this?

When do all that’s green
Create what’s fresh and sweet?

How come clouds can float,
But we must use our feet?

Where, after the rain,
Will color paint the sky?

Why do our hearts beat,
And stop when we die?

discover prompt : elixir

It’s not dark anymore
But the sun is still sleepy.
I get up before everyone does.
By the window, I see the street empty.
The cool wind comes to embrace me
While the birds sing their songs
I hold my warm mug with both hands,
The heat seeps in through my palms
And heals my heart.
I smell the coffee,
My eyes blink ever so slowly.
I take a sip,
And colors fill my heart.

discover prompt: note

I’ve kept all the papers. From the time I taught them to draw lines to the letters they wrote me.

They have this gift with words.

More than what they can do, I am truly inspired of what they have become. No big time award really, but it’s how strong they are, how brave they are to live in this crazy world.

They can stare at their souls in the mirror, admit it if they don’t like what they see, and do something to make themselves better. They express how they think things should be done, will not force anyone to do it their way, but will do what they can to help.

It’s hard but they take what life throws at them. They may frown, they may get mad. But they’ll just shake their head, and try to fix it the best way they know.

I believe I have learned so much from them, far more than what I was able to teach them. I take note of the things they do, and these make me strive to become a better person.