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How Pain Scourges

Misery flogs as a piercing lightning bolt lashing into the courage you believed you still had, then seizes and strangles your dwindling strength to wring out blood when you weep.

How Pain Disorients

Panic thrashes as a violent tsunami tearing apart the remainder of your tattered coherence, then washes away the shreds in all directions and you drown in your desperate attempt to retrieve your amputated parts.

How Pain Explodes

Torment pounds as a jack hammer drilling into you to demolish the last of your brittle defenses, then your very being bursts into shards and what was once a soul is now just a reeking mess of splattered flesh.

How Pain Ravages

Despair rages as a roaring avalanche over a tiny flickering ember of what’s left of your faith, then heavy darkness caves in to send what you knew was hope plummeting to its abysmal doom.

How Pain Resonates

Agony penetrates as a relentless stylus scoring deep inside your every memory of joy, then translates each into shrilling notes synthesizing a looping, incomprehensibly distorted tune.