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how does it feel?

And when you touch me,

I forget

…that I loathe lies,

And yet I open my heart

To welcome your deception.

…that I am lost,

And yet I reach out my hand

To join your adventure.

…that I am empty,

And yet I offer my soul

To fill your void.

…that I am numb,

And yet I arch my back

To succumb to your desire.

…that I fear guns

And yet I surrender my mouth

To swallow your bullet.

So, now

Tell me…

How does it feel when I touch you?


let me be your whatever

When you’re lost

When you’re tired

When you’re lonely

When you’re glad

When you’re angry

When you’re bored

When the world seems unkind

When good friends are hard to find,

Turn to me.

I’ll be there

No matter




Like sand slips
Through the spaces
between my fingers,
You cease to be there
Just when I turn my head
To heed your call.
And no matter
How much I tighten my grip
I am left with a few grains
In the middle of my palm,
The very few times you called
And smiled
Because I turned
Just in time.


You gave me this.

It’s as fragile
As a dandelion seed.

I must hold it
tight in my hand,
Believing I have it
Though I can’t look
to check if it’s still there.

For if I did take a peek,
Even my faintest breath
Might blow it away.

And how torn I shall be
That I could never get it back.
No matter if it took me forever
To chase it.

Photo from: Lumiadrama

must you know?

Must you take my words
To declare them yours?
Must you own my thoughts
To claim your heart knows?

Must you hold me close
To satisfy my soul?
Must you let me loose
To liberate my mind?

Must you yield to me
When I prefer to be sensible?
Must you impose on me
When I refuse to be capable?

Must you do
All these wonderful things?
Must you be
What I hope you’d be?

Must you know?


What does one full turn make you?
Or wider,

Where does one full turn take you?
Or deeper,

You won’t know
You’re bold enough
To take another.

So stay
On the thread.
It gets better.

soon will be long enough

It’s been long enough,

Yet not too long

To wait.

For now.


I try

To hold on

To the last time.

In my mind,

I relive

Every move,

Every moment.

But it’s not enough.

It’s just not enough.


You try

To hope

For a next time.

In your heart,

Your dream

Every wish,

Every smile.

But it’s not enough.

It’s just not enough.

It won’t be long.

Soon enough,






It’s over.

Too soon.

Yet long enough.



Yet not too soon,

We wait.