elements of the heART

don’t u wish fireworks didn’t just vanish in the sky?

instead, they would trickle down to your outstretched arms

as tiny bits of paper fluttering in mid-air

through the spaces between your fingers.

lines, thoughts… confetti.

don’t u wish u had a blanket of warm thoughts?

shapes of words in rhythm

tessellating, spreading,

wrapping u in delightful dreams.

shapes, poems… quilt.

don’t u wish your windows were made of diamonds?

prisms that reflect the way you see life

into many brilliant colors.

colors, reflections… kaleidoscope.

don’t u wish that it was safe to walk barefoot all through life?

a chance to feel the textures of experiences

through your soles and into your soul.

textures, experiences… collage.

don’t u wish bits and pieces of what-have-u’s

fit together to fill the spaces in your heart?

a map that reveals paths within a memorable tale.

spaces, stories… mosaic.

by rica esteban   

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