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discover prompt: magic

What magic is this?

When do all that’s green
Create what’s fresh and sweet?

How come clouds can float,
But we must use our feet?

Where, after the rain,
Will color paint the sky?

Why do our hearts beat,
And stop when we die?

discover prompt: three


There was where I found myself.

In that place, I can be me.
I am not she.
I am not theirs.

Only when I am there, am I.

what is enough

watercolor and doodles 002

what is enough depends on me.

…is, are you?

Never had seen such piercing stare.
Makes me wonder what you have in there.

Sad, are you?
So I drift in the emptiness of your smile,
In the hollowness of your words.

Spent, are you?
So I drown in the depth of your sigh,
In the weight of your silence.

Stiff, are you?
So I shrink in the demand of your grip,
In the limits of your ideals.

Stuck, are you?
So I struggle in the burden of your denial,
In the truth of your misery.

I know what you are.
I’m willing to accept you.
But the question
Is, are you?

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