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paano kung…

kung kailan…

paano kapag…

kapag nangyari…

paano pa, tapos na.

tapos, paano na?

you are my density

You are my density.

You shift my buoyancy.

You are dimensionless.

That’s what you are.

You count my every mass,

How much my volume has.

You’re not just heaviness,

You mean more than weight to me.

You are my density,

Specific gravity.

You are my cognizance.

That’s what you are.



You gave me this.

It’s as fragile
As a dandelion seed.

I must hold it
tight in my hand,
Believing I have it
Though I can’t look
to check if it’s still there.

For if I did take a peek,
Even my faintest breath
Might blow it away.

And how torn I shall be
That I could never get it back.
No matter if it took me forever
To chase it.

Photo from: Lumiadrama


soon will be long enough

It’s been long enough,

Yet not too long

To wait.

For now.


I try

To hold on

To the last time.

In my mind,

I relive

Every move,

Every moment.

But it’s not enough.

It’s just not enough.


You try

To hope

For a next time.

In your heart,

Your dream

Every wish,

Every smile.

But it’s not enough.

It’s just not enough.

It won’t be long.

Soon enough,






It’s over.

Too soon.

Yet long enough.



Yet not too soon,

We wait.


ang magpatuloy sa tamang daan, 
mapagod man. 
ang magpigil na lumihis, 
matisod man. 
ang manindigan sa tungkulin, 
magipit man. 

ang piliting maging matuwid 
sa harap ng kahinaan. 
ang piliin ang tama 
sa bingit ng pagkakamali. 
ang umiling 
sa halina ng tukso. 

ang matutong pagbigyan 
ang di dapat patulan. 
ang matutong tanggapin 
ang di kayang baguhin. 
ang matutong talikuran 
ang di na maibabalik. 

ang magpasyang humakbang, 
ang itapak ang bawat paa 
matapos ang kabila. 

ang magpatuloy. 
ang makarating. 
ang magtagumpay. 


“Nag-ugat, Nagsasanga, Magpapatuloy”

by Iris Mae L. Caidic

30” X 30”

Oil Pastel on Board