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In between
How are you’s
And I’m good’s,
There’s something

Morning arrives
With the thought
Of holding
Each other

The day goes on.
Each little thing
Seen or heard,
Reminding each
Of the other.

No telling,
Yet knowing.
Much longing,
Both feeling
The same.

discover prompt: hidden

It’s not
what I can’t see.
No, so much more
than that,
it’s what I can’t feel.

All this time
You’ve been to me
But the words I give
Scatter on the sheets,

You tell a joke, and smile
I blink and it’s gone.
Was it really
what your were
supposed to say?

Your grip is so tight,
I feel pain that isn’t there
I don’t hear you, see you.
I don’t
know you.

Your have things
meant to be hidden,
left unsaid,
made unfelt,
kept unknown.


You gave me this.

It’s as fragile
As a dandelion seed.

I must hold it
tight in my hand,
Believing I have it
Though I can’t look
to check if it’s still there.

For if I did take a peek,
Even my faintest breath
Might blow it away.

And how torn I shall be
That I could never get it back.
No matter if it took me forever
To chase it.

Photo from: Lumiadrama