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half-blind, you hungered for what you cannot see. in time shall colors burst, and awe shall drain you of all sight–the darkness that you asked for and thus deserved.

souls remain untamed

Where gold is untarnished,
Adventure has not come.
For blood taints the threat
Indigo the moon has become.

Is there a chance to succumb
As paths hardly cross?
When drawn farther apart
Will words be enough?

Yet do not be dismayed
Patiently we must wait.
For when a bond is deep
The secret is kept safe.

When the dance resumes
All weariness shall fade.
Thirst shall be quenched
For souls remain untamed.

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must you know?

Must you take my words
To declare them yours?
Must you own my thoughts
To claim your heart knows?

Must you hold me close
To satisfy my soul?
Must you let me loose
To liberate my mind?

Must you yield to me
When I prefer to be sensible?
Must you impose on me
When I refuse to be capable?

Must you do
All these wonderful things?
Must you be
What I hope you’d be?

Must you know?

soon will be long enough

It’s been long enough,

Yet not too long

To wait.

For now.


I try

To hold on

To the last time.

In my mind,

I relive

Every move,

Every moment.

But it’s not enough.

It’s just not enough.


You try

To hope

For a next time.

In your heart,

Your dream

Every wish,

Every smile.

But it’s not enough.

It’s just not enough.

It won’t be long.

Soon enough,






It’s over.

Too soon.

Yet long enough.



Yet not too soon,

We wait.