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“She thought: Let go—drop the controls—this is it.”

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


peel. feel.

try, perceive

what the skin conceals

peel. weep.

cry, endure

what the tears reveal

peel. seek.

pry, discover

what the center holds

but there is nothing there.

it is not what lies beneath

but the uncovering that matters

for each layer stripped

is a pain suffered

a failure survived

a fear conquered

a confidence regained

one is defined

not by what one has but

by what one has gone through


the sun sets.

the light moves over,

the shadows takes over.

the day is over.

the world turns over.

over there.

the sun sets,

the city goes to slumber.

and i ask myself:

if that is not the place i belong,

then… where?

Art by Ma.Allana Alicalas

26″X16″ acrylic on canvas