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souls remain untamed

Where gold is untarnished,
Adventure has not come.
For blood taints the threat
Indigo the moon has become.

Is there a chance to succumb
As paths hardly cross?
When drawn farther apart
Will words be enough?

Yet do not be dismayed
Patiently we must wait.
For when a bond is deep
The secret is kept safe.

When the dance resumes
All weariness shall fade.
Thirst shall be quenched
For souls remain untamed.

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Not here,
Not there,
A place only we know where.

Not then,
Not now,
A moment only we could share.

Not yes,
Not no,
A maybe that we know for certain.

Not right,
Not wrong,
A truth only our feelings can explain.

Not day,
Not night,
Twilights we spent tighten the screw.

Not long,
Not soon,
On time for our rendezvous.

Not me,
Not you,
The us we cannot eschew.