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Straight ahead
Through the tunnel
Shift gears
Go fast
Yes, faster
Feel the thrill
Hold it
Easy now
Slow down
Turn left
Hold on
Let me drive
No hurry
Sit back
I’ll take you

what if I told you…

I have something
that belongs to you.
And no,
I’m not going to tell you what.
Don’t you worry though,
I reckon it’s something
you don’t seem to miss anyway.
the only time you need it
is when you’re with me.
When I tell you things,
when I do things to you,
you ask for more.
But then you never realize
that what you’re asking for
–what I’m giving you–
was actually yours.


Batid sa kanyang ngiti
na hindi ko kailangan
ng ibang magmamahal sa akin.
Kakatwang nalalaman niya
at ang kailangan ko lang gawin
ay isipin siya.
Kakaiba ang kanyang
ipinagkakaloob sa akin.
Ayaw ko na siyang iwan pa.
Alam mong nananalig ako’t kung paano.

Tinatanong mo ako
kung lalago pa ba’ng pag ibig ko?
Hindi ko alam.
Hindi ko alam.
Manatili ka’t sakaling maipamalas.
Hindi ko alam.
Hindi ko alam.


But he has to go.
So I tell him
Stay safe,
For duty

He puts his shoes on.
Ties his shoelaces.
He looks down.
He gets up.
He sighs.

It’s going to be

Eyebrows, strained.
Shoulders, stiff.
Mind, drained.
Heart, weary.
Feet, sore.

He arrives after

He unties shoelaces,
Takes off his shoes.
He lies down.
He looks up.
He sighs.

When he wakes,
I will tell him
Stay calm
For I am


In between
How are you’s
And I’m good’s,
There’s something

Morning arrives
With the thought
Of holding
Each other

The day goes on.
Each little thing
Seen or heard,
Reminding each
Of the other.

No telling,
Yet knowing.
Much longing,
Both feeling
The same.

discover prompt: hidden

It’s not
what I can’t see.
No, so much more
than that,
it’s what I can’t feel.

All this time
You’ve been to me
But the words I give
Scatter on the sheets,

You tell a joke, and smile
I blink and it’s gone.
Was it really
what your were
supposed to say?

Your grip is so tight,
I feel pain that isn’t there
I don’t hear you, see you.
I don’t
know you.

Your have things
meant to be hidden,
left unsaid,
made unfelt,
kept unknown.

discover prompt: magic

What magic is this?

When do all that’s green
Create what’s fresh and sweet?

How come clouds can float,
But we must use our feet?

Where, after the rain,
Will color paint the sky?

Why do our hearts beat,
And stop when we die?