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i write



for you,

Because of you.

These words belong to you.

*the number of words in each line correspond to the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence

you are my density

You are my density.

You shift my buoyancy.

You are dimensionless.

That’s what you are.

You count my every mass,

How much my volume has.

You’re not just heaviness,

You mean more than weight to me.

You are my density,

Specific gravity.

You are my cognizance.

That’s what you are.



As thoughts that spin in your head

Scamper down to your throat,

Your heart is burdened into deciding

Whether or not to release them.

Would you dare?

For to speak

Is to risk

To be heard or to be ignored.

To be understood or to be misinterpreted.

To be accepted or to be rejected.

To be appreciated or to be criticized.

To be praised or to be ridiculed.

Convictions will be murdered.

Concepts will be butchered.

Imagination will be beheaded.

Curiosity will be strangled.

Your mind will be killed.

Would you open your mouth

In your desire for affirmation,

And offer yourself

To be slaughtered?

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missing words

missing words

missing words
mixed media

you know that you missed only when you miss what’s missing.

missing, trying to find.

missing, cannot be found.

missing, wanting to have.

missing, cannot be had.

missing, lost.

lost are the words,

the letters mean nothing.

lost is the time,

the memories prove nothing.

lost is the love,

the feelings convey nothing.


i dare not speak,

i know not what to say.

i dare not listen,

i know not what to believe.

for i cannot find the words.

the words that make up that missing piece of me.